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So today was the first day of a new E3.  We got a lot of stuff.  Bethesda already announced a new fallout, but there are other smaler things too.  They announced a new Elder Scrolls game that isnt the one we want, a collectable trading card game (BOOOOOOOOOOO!)  They also announced a Dishonored 2 (W00T!).  We also got news of a new Mass Effect from EA, which is AWESOME.…

And the MAKO is back!

Were also getting KH III, which at least one person I know is spazzing out.  New tomb raider, new a bunch of things...

But thats not what we were waiting for.  We were all waiting for this:

Yeah, I know...

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The square around the Brandenburg gate was silent.

"Agera Krigsman, at last." Avila's voice was sharp and commanding, like a honed sword.  She was definitely the biggest dragon Agera had ever seen, perhaps as big and half again as Pyrrus, some thirty feet above the ground, she was almost as big as the heavies.  But unlike the heavies, she carried herself with fluid grace, not lumbering weight.  Her many horns were elegantly curved back, and she had a double set of spikes running from her collarbone all the way to the tip of her tail.  She wore a full set of combat armor, a custom set that gleamed white.

"I've heard so much about you, dear Agera.  Your friend told me as much as she could find out about you." Avila said haughtily, looking down her nose at the young dragons.

"Damnit." Agera said under her breath...

Aurora stepped forwards and crossed the empty space between them.  Agera stepped on her tail as she passed by.

"You really, really don't have to do this, Aurora." Agera said quietly.  Aurora looked as if she might cry.  She was a really good spy if she could hold those emotions in.

"No, trust me Agera, I do.  I wish I didn't have to, but I do." she crossed the remainder of the space, and turned around to face them, sadness in her eyes, "Where's my brother, Avila?"

The dark dragoness smiled at her minion, "All in good time, Aurora." she turned to Omega squad.

"Dear Agera, did you really think you were fighting me?  You never were truly playing this game." Avila said as Agera leaned from one foot to another, trying to decide whether to attack or retreat, "I know everything about you, all your friends, and everyone else.  I know what you will do, and what you won't do."

Venus gave Agera a knowing look, and she nodded back at her, "Well, I think if you know everything about me, I think it's only fair if everyone else does too."

The leader stepped forwards and approached the middle of the no man’s land between them.

"Uh, Agera?  We should go." Janus said quietly.  Venus stood on his foot.

"You should listen to your friend, Agera.  I would hate to think what would happen if you tried to face me." Avila said, sharper this time.

"Enough.  It's time I stopped hiding, time I faced my heritage and my past and my training." all eyes were on her as Agera's skin began to glow white hot.  It seemed like fire was consuming her.  Her scales were shedding color rapidly, and something that looked like paper flew off, burning into the night.  Sparks flew, and when she stopped glowing, she stood gleaming in a bright, white-gold, her horns and fins turned to ivory and parchment.  The light around her seemed to warp with power, and her eyes glowed a pure bleached white.

"Um, Agera, changing your color won't help you any." Janus said quietly over the radio.  Venus clipped him over the head.

"She didn't change color, retard!" Venus hissed at him, "Agera just shed her color changing tattoo!  Those are her natural colors.  She's a time dragon."

"How long have you known?" Vienzo asked quietly.

"Ever since Siberia.  Kiesah decided I should go with Agera and Kali on an unauthorized mission to see what was outside of Berlin's walls.  Agera lost control of her element in a raid on a void base and killed everyone except for those in her immediate vicinity.  Five thousand souls vanished in a time lock, and she swore never to use her powers again."

"So what do you call this?" Guin asked.  Venus shook her head.

"Using her powers again." Avila stared down her opponent with malice.  She motioned with a paw, and her guard spread out to the sides.  Omega prowled around the street, trying to find better approaches.  The tanks adjusted aim...

"Get them." Avila said quietly.

The response was instantaneous.  The group moved as a giant wave, using the heavies as battering rams. The tanks got one shot off, and all missed their targets.  Two got their barrels bent in the first move.  One had the turret pulled off, and the other, this seventy ton armored vehicle was flipped by the second heavy.  Three of Omega took to the sky, whilst the others stood their ground.  The newlymated stood back to back, making swipes at any that got close to the others beloved.  Venus and Vienzo backed into a corner with Janus and Jiza, and they held off even more attacks, led by Aurora, and the Shadow-knight.  Ronan went to dive into the fray, but was blocked by the whirlwind that was Agera and Avila.  Time and space warped around them as they moved.  Ronan watched as the females moved far faster than any hominid could react, darting meters around the area and taking to the sky then the ground then the sky again all in a few short seconds.

Avila was by far the faster of the two, and it was all Agera could do to hold her off.  Two slashes with claws and one with tail got through her guard and injured her.  Once across the chest, one at the eye, and another ripped open her wing membrane.

She found however that she was far better in the sky. Avila had issues focusing her power while flying, and Agera had the edge in speed.  Unfortunately, it's harder to land a good hit in the air, and all Agera did was make a lot of wind as she missed.

Suddenly, a third set of wings dived out of the blur of colors around them.  Grand Lord Liam Quickclaw racked a set of claws across Avila's back and flanks, and she roared in pain, slowing for an inkling of a second.  When she sped back up, she whirled on the smaller male and decapitated him in one deft motion, far faster than any move before.

They landed back at regular time speeds.  Agera panted hard, and one of her legs collapsed beneath her.  She wasn't used to using her powers so much.  Avila seemed unaffected by her injuries.  She ran a paw over the cuts, and came away with a minimum of blood.  Deciding the wound was not life threatening, she turned back to Agera, who was struggling to rise despite her fatigue.

"It's taxing, isn't it young one?" she said, circling.  Agera collapsed again, but struggled despite her pain and the clouds fogging her mind.  Avila raised her paw, claws extended, to try and strike a mortal blow, when an explosion ripped through the ground four feet from the large dragoness.  A group of humans not far away held a laser target designator focused on Avila, and at that moment, a fighter-bomber passed overhead, engines roaring.  Avila rose roaring with pain.  Half her face and side was seared away.  Her teeth and gum lines were exposed, and her rib cage was cauterized.  Her wing was nothing but a limp skeleton.  Her left front foreleg was cut off at the elbow joint, leaving her three pawed.  And yet still she lived.  The Shadow-knight rushed to her side and lifted her gently.  A portal formed suddenly in the gate as her honor guard closed in around them.  Several more tanks had appeared and were putting fire down range as the heavies placed their bodies between them and Avila.  They died specifically to protect her, and the assaults held off anyone who stuck their head over the bodies.

Agera spotted Avila between the mass of limbs and fallen soldiers.  Despite the noise, Agera heard her speak.

"This is a day of tears for all." she said painfully.  She raised a paw, her good paw, to the sky, and muttered something, and then was swallowed up by her own portal.

As soon as it closed, the remaining Voidwings committed suicide as enemies closed in all around them.  Agera looked around for Ronan, but he was nowhere to be found.  Soldiers rushed to Agera, and helped lift her to her feet.  Two stayed on either side to keep her upright.  The sun was just rising on the horizon to the west.

"Is that it?" Venus asked, suddenly at her side, "They're all gone?  We won?"

Janus ran up, whipping sweat from his muzzle, "It's freakin' hot right now."

"It is over!  We won!" one of the soldiers shouted running off and shouting.  Cheering rose up from the main reinforcements.  As the sun continued to rise, people started to gather.

"Something's wrong." Agera said quietly, "Avila wouldn't give up this easily.  She would have had a backup plan."

Steam rose from the wet pavement, as suddenly, the GM stepped forwards from the crowd.  He stepped into the sunlight, and shielded his face, as he looked west.  He turned to them, meaning for a quick speech.

"Oh shit!" Agera said suddenly, very loudly, "Oh shit, she didn't."

"I thought it was getting dark a few hours ago." Vienzo said, "I guess I wasn't keeping track of time.  Good to see the sun rise on a new day."

"IN THE WEST?!?!" the GM had just opened his mouth to say a speech when Agera shouted out across the crowd.  The sun was suddenly very large in the horizon.

"What did she do?" Venus asked.  Humans were suddenly adjusting clothing to cover themselves, despite the heat.  Agera's scales started to itch as the skin beneath them burned on contact with the solar rays.  The sun continued to grow on the horizon.  Creatures were finding shelter as the heat cooked the earth.

"She made the sun HOTTER?!?!" Venus shouted over the rising clamor, "How can she do that?"

"She's a time dragon.  Focus your powers on the right object and you can do anything!  She must have sped the aging of the sun up by millions of years!  It's going to engulf earth eventually if it keeps going." Agera shouted.

"Well can't you stop it?!?!" Vienzo shouted back.  People were running around screaming now.  Agera bit down on Venus's tail, and her friend screamed out in pain, but Agera would rather die than be separated from her friends right now.  Venus watched Agera desperately as the time dragoness concentrated.

Agera fought viciously as the power from Avila progressed.  But as she fought, she realized exactly how powerful the darkness within her foe actually was.  Avila was a force of nature, not just another dragon.  She could not be stopped.  Agera may as well have tried to stop a tank main gun round with her paw.  At long last, as steam was rising up from the lakes, she smacked her paw down and a new much larger portal formed in the square.  Everyone stopped and looked up at it.

"Get everything and everyone into it as fast as possible." Agera said over the quiet open radio channel to as many radios as there were in her range, "Personnel, stay off the main roads, let the vehicles through.  Don't trample your fellow soldiers.  Those of you who cannot make it, I pray for your souls and that you die well.  I will hold the portal open as long as I can."

No one knew exactly how long the portal would be open, or who was opening it.  They had no idea where it went.  All they knew was it was likely better than the hellish place earth was about to become.  Fighters flew through overhead, while tanks traveled en-mass.  Jiza was casting an ice cover to try and ward off the heat for people.  Several other ice dragons were helping.  Kiesah suddenly appeared and added her formidable power to the mix.  But the Ice was melting faster than they were casting it.  Agera was exhausted.  Her vision drifted in and out.  But she was determined to keep this portal open so long as she had life in her body.

The Russia and America veered towards the portal, then stopped and suddenly flared engines, gaining speed as they rocketed out of the atmosphere and towards the colonies around Jupiter and Saturn.  Several smaller ships also entered atmosphere, something they were never designed to do.  The lighter ships worked well, and were able to keep pace with their descent.  Anything cruiser sized or larger ran away from the pilots and crashed into the countryside, sending shocks of wind through the cities buildings.

Refugees started slowing once the lakes started bubbling.  Humans collapsed on the ground, foaming at the mouth, and their hair caught fire.  Dragons screamed as their wings disintegrated and the blood boiled in their veins, the scales on their bodies melting off.  The ground quaked as the techtonic plates of earths crust destabilized.  The sun was taking up a quarter of the sky.  Clouds dissipated, and the Ionosphere was blasted away as solar flares hit the planet, scattering the familiar blue canvas of the sky.  Buildings crumbled as the quakes intensified, and all around was horrible screaming as the humans and dragons alike were melted and burnt alive by insane levels of radiation.  At this point, Kiesah, who hadn’t left Agera's side, grabbed her and moved towards the portal, holding a melting ice shield above her and Agera.  They reached the passageway, and Agera saw nothing but blackness.

She didn't know whether she was alive or dead...

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For the first time since arriving, Omega squadron and the rest of the battalion was roused by the camp wide alarms.  Revelry sounded off at 0215 in their tent, rousing the rest of the battalion.  Agera had all thirty-six dragons in the same tent the night before the operation.  They were cramped, and despite grumbling, Agera was correct in her guess that the different squadrons so close together produced friendships and bonding.  Several draken gathered in clusters to sleep in a small heap, saving body warmth.  There had even been a newly mated pair formed that night, Romeo one had paired up with Theta six, and had slipped out into the darkness while no one was looking.  Apparently the two had been making secret rendezvous for quite some time, and when they returned, they had announced their lifemating.  The celebration had restarted with increased vigor after that.  All through the day they squared things away.  Squadrons left to pick up armor, individual dragons could be spotted sharpening claws or tail spades.  Some painted war tattoos on their faces.  Agera had shifted ink for the occasion, a bright shining silver marked with smoky stripes and spikes.

Now they all awoke to a foggy dawn.  Soldiers trooped past their tent in formation, and Agera quickly roused everybody, getting them into Armor.  She donned her own armor, placing her headpiece last, and got their group outside, and into their squads.

"Delta battalion!  Forward, HARCH!" as one they moved forwards and found the assembly area at the far end of the camp, with tanks rumbling around and infantry fighting vehicles lining up in escort positions.  Infantry were riding on the vehicles as they moved out.  Dragons were far too large to ride on any vehicle, so they had to trek cross country alongside.  There was a lot of waiting, but nobody talked.  Venus sat next to Vienzo, and they nuzzled each other lovingly, softly speaking in the dawn calm.

Kiesah arrived with her medical corps, each of them in full combat armor with trauma kits slung under each wing.  Kiesah herself nodded at Agera, and she lifted a wing in salute.  Pyrrus was also among the warriors.  Rumor had it he had taken command of a mixed unit of humans and dragons, running the heavy artillery.  Pyrrus always did like the big guns.  They finally spotted him halfway through the morning as his unit followed the mass mobilization, leading his sixteen 30 cm guns out of camp, surrounded by younger fire dragons.

At last, at half past one in the afternoon, her radio crackled.

"Delta battalion.  Precise orders, confirm reception." Agera stood suddenly, motioning for their group to rise.

"Delta confirms.  Proceed with orders." she replied quietly.

"Delta, you are to proceed with the 567th tank battalion as they move west, following the 455th.  Escort and provide low altitude close air support until further notice, understood?"

"Delta understands and obeys.  Moving out." Agera cut coms and turned to her battalion, who had rested in formation.

"Escort duty for the 567th tank battalion.  As my TAC data tells me, they're known as Phoenix battalion.  On me Delta!" they moved north and west, following Agera's pip on her helmets display showing her where their escort charges were.  They formed up on either side of the friendly tank battalion, and Agera saluted the commander, signaling she and hers were ready.  And as one, they moved out, crossing into Ukraine.

The tanks were fast, armed with 150mm smooth ore cannons and having composite ceramic armor, with turbine-electric engines, they were able to move at sixty miles an hour damn near anywhere.  Delta battalion was able to keep up simply because of their enhanced training.

"Remind me why we're going so fast." Janus panted out over coms.

"Shut your gob, Omega three.  GM wanted a fast strike.  Don't worry, I know the plan from beginning to end." Agera panted back.

"Well, Lieutenant, I hope you have a backup as well." Venus called over the speakers.

"Aye, I have a plan B.  And C.  And D.  Any more plans and I'd have to start giving them names.  Plan Venus, Plan Janus, Plan Enzo." laughter could be heard over coms.

"And here I thought dragons loved PT!" one of the human sergeants called over joint ops coms.  Agera flashed her teeth at him.

"Come on guys, can't you go any faster?!  My grandma is better at PT 'an you." a corporal laughed, and launched into a Jodi call.

"When my grandma was ninety-one, she did PT just for fun!" Agera swatted the side of his four wheeled transport with her tail spade, making the metal ring.

"Come on Delta, join in!" Venus grinned, and Aurora led the others.

"When my grand-dame was 91, she did PT just for fun!" the group rang out at large.

After that, the mood improved considerably, and the dragons began swapping stories with the humans, even though most of them were fabricated.  Romeo one got into an argument over why draconic females were better looking than human females, and delta two was comparing scars with one of the tank gunners.

They went like this for the next three days, passing out of former Ukraine, and into the former polish empire.  Warsaw was nothing but a blasted smear of soot on the landscape.  Nights were short and days were long, but Delta squad slept like hatchlings each evening, the rested humans keeping watch.

Then, on the fourth day, they crested a rolling green hill and found Berlin laid out before them, surrounded by a woodland valley, and several lakes.  Fog hung over the valley floor, and at present, several void could be seen flying over the city, confident in their protection.  The city was surrounded by a twenty foot high wall, something difficult to assault and climb over as they approached.  The hamlets surrounding the metropolis however were unoccupied, and it was in these small quaint villages that their forces hid and fed and rested.  All five primary assault legions were arrayed out across the plains just east of the city, some one thousand tanks, and some ten thousand dragons.  Around four million humans were there as support as well, and they were arrayed over an area around twenty square miles.

"How are they cramming twenty-one million void into that city?" Venus asked sleepily as they rested.  The house they had found still had running water, and they were all gratefully taking quick cleansing cold showers.

"Intel reports state they are bunking entire battalions in single rooms.  With any luck, some might catch disease." Aurora said.

"I doubt it six.  If the Voidwings are anything like dragons, then they are likely resistant to diseases." Agera said, brushing fins aside as she wrote up the days report, "And something tells me they're a lot like us."

"They're nothing like us.  They're a bloodthirsty brutal lot, all of them.  They'd like nothing more than to see our heads on our tail spades." Aurora growled.

"Ma'am." Agera growled, glancing at her.

"Ma'am." Aurora added belatedly, titling her head in Agera's direction in apology.  Agera set the stylus down for her data pad.

"Have you ever actually met a Voidwing, Aurora?" Agera asked quietly.

"Psh, no.  Can never get close to one without it shouting at you and trying to slice your head off your shoulders.  Nobody has ever talked to a Void." Aurora said, sneering.

"Well, we have, after a fashion." Agera said, even quieter still.

"Impossible.  I'd know."

"You wouldn't because we never reported it.  The drake in question never actually said much to us anyways.  They're more like us than you can imagine." Agera said quietly.  Aurora gave her a hard, piercing stare, until Agera's coms popped on.

"Delta, confirm transmission?" a voice said.

"Transmission confirmed.  Code?"

"Sierra Hotel Indigo Tango Tango Yankee.  Authenticate?"

"The code is authentic.  What are the orders?" Agera intoned.

"You are to proceed to indicated coordinates and await further orders, remaining on full alert status." the voice intoned.

"With all due respect command, we just got here.  We've been running for three days straight."

"Well get there pronto.  Command out." and her come clicked off.

"Theta, pull your units out of the shower, we're moving." Agera said, rubbing her horns.

"But ma'am!" Epsilon one said into her coms.

"That's an order!  Up and at 'em draken!  Command wants us out of the valley, further northwest of Berlin."

The march didn't take as long as they thought, around two or three hours.  But the trek seemed that much more arduous from their brief rest.  When they finally did come to a stop, there was nothing but another battalion waiting for them. They had escorted their previous tanker friends into the area, and now laid down in the dirt next to the armor, hoping to get some shut eye.  Food was from MRE's, cold.

Pyrrus was also there with his heavy artillery already set up and in place, aiming towards Berlin.

"Lord Pyrrus!  Do you know what this be all about?" Agera asked when she spotted him.

"The GM only said he had a surprise for the Voidwings waiting." Pyrrus said quietly.

The next several days and nights were spent in camp.  Command forbade them to move outside the small confines of the battalion, setting up the supply trucks in a defensive ring formation.

Finally, on the third day of arrival, a full week after they had set out from base camp, Agera's coms popped open to command.

"Krigsman?  Confirm transmission." a voice intoned.  Agera looked up from her omelet MRE.  They had been running low on food.

"Confirmed command, what do you have for me?" Agera asked.

"New orders.  You are to coordinate firepower with your current command, the 567th.  Full attack towards the city center.  Happy hunting." and her coms clicked off.  Agera jumped up, mouth open.

"Wait, that's it?!?!  Just ATTACK?!?!" a tank drove up and stopped, and the 567th's battalion commander popped out.

"Let's get moving Lieutenant Krigsman!" Agera turned to her group to find them watching her and the tank commander behind her.  And she suddenly found, standing right there, that she didn't want to fight...

She really, REALLY, didn't want to die.  She didn't want to see this family before her, any of it, die.  She took a long deep breath, and let it out slowly.

"Delta, on your feet!  New orders, full attack!  Let them hear our roars!" and together they roared.  The group was assembled in five minutes, and they moved south and east, to the ridge of the valley.

The five main strike battalions, including Alpha squadron had already engaged at the gates several miles away.  Almost three miles of open ground and grassland lay between Agera and the city walls.  No one spoke as they moved as silently as possible towards the capital.

The problem is tanks aren't very quiet.

As they approached, alarms were sounded, and Agera took a last final breath, letting it out long and slow.

"Lieutenant?" Venus.

"Delta five formation, Omega lead, form your squad around me.  Stay low, and stay fast." they darted down along the open grounds, the squads forming up in a large V, now with adrenaline flowing in their veins they easily outpaced the tanks, who were now firing on the move, non-stop, hitting shells into the high walls.

"Battalion commander, place a five tank coordinated strike at this location, and I'll get your tanks inside the wall." a shell suddenly struck in that exact location, followed by five more massive reports.  Too big of explosions to be tanks.

"Never mind.  Thanks arty." Agera heard Pyrrus give a chuckle over the radio.  A thirty foot wide gap had been opened in the wall, and her and Omega jump-glided through the opening.  Agera had only enough time to register a grey void enemy when she collided with the smaller scout, who folded before her larger mass.  Several other foes met them but were swiftly eliminated.

"We have to cut off the AAA control centers before the enemy army has a chance to reach us." Agera said quickly.  The doors to the gate were opened, and tanks glided through rapidly, supported by infantry fighting vehicles.  Artillery shells were falling on the city as Pyrrus's armor hit home in several key locations.

A heavy lumbered around the corner of their street one hundred feet away and roared at them.  He was flanked by two tanks, leopard II types from forty years ago.  They fired at her battalion, and two dragons, Delta four and Romeo three got hit.  Romeo three took the one hundred and twenty millimeter armor piercing round straight in the chest, and it looked like he split in two.  Delta four was hit by shrapnel in his neck.  The rest scattered.

"KIA!  We have two down, three wounded!  567th, we could use some firepower!" Agera peered around the corner to find the heavy bearing down on her, but at the last second, a Reagan MBT3 came around the corner, took one look at the massive draken, and fired two rounds into it, hitting the shoulder and chest.  Agera took advantage of the distraction, darting out from behind the corner and rocketing down the street, vaulting over the dead void and glided right into the barrel of one of the leopard IIs, jerking its barrel out of alignment with the Reagan, and aiming it at the other enemy tank.  It fired and took its friend out, scalding Agera's paw in the process.  She drew a claw across the back deck, and it vented smoke.  One of the crew popped out of the turret, a void two legged, and she bit its head off, tasting sour blood in her mouth.  She forcibly closed the turret hatch, and drew another claw along the fuel tanks, rupturing them and leaking diesel onto the street.  Hopping off, she dragged her tail spade along the concrete and caused sparks to fly, lighting the fuel.  And then turned and walked away as the tank exploded.  Venus met her.

"We need to keep moving." she said quietly, "Medical will be here to pick up the bodies."

"Delta four didn't make it?" Venus shook her head sadly.  Agera looked around at the thirty-two remaining dragons.

"Take to the building roofs.  Watch for chances of opportunity.  Omega will stick with the tanks and guard from flanking attacks.  Stay in coordination. Move now." they moved off in different directions.  Four squads latched onto building sides and climbed up their smooth surfaces.  Omega squad winded through the narrow streets, moving with a group of four Reagan tanks.

They continued further into the center of the city, moving quietly.  Agera keyed into command.

"Command, Krigsman with delta battalion.  We're in the city, looking for action.  How goes the fight?"

"Command is on the case Krigsman.  Seventy percent of air defenses eliminated, forces are cleared for sky duty.  You've got your wings back." at that exact moment, two fighter jets streaked overhead, and she got multiple reports of fighters in the sky.  The America and Russia could be seen in the distance, providing a landing platform for fighters.  Explosions could be heard in the distance.

"Enemy forces holding the wall have been reduced by thirty percent, whilst ours have taken only ten percent casualties.  Command has new orders for you. Close in on city center and take the Brandenburg gate.  We will have orders for you when you arrive."

"Roger that command.  Krigsman out." Agera said.  She beckoned to the tank commanders, who were following her orders at the time, and they followed her down the road.

"Squads, report." Agera called over joint coms.

"Theta reporting.  Two and Five are down.  We are withdrawing." well shit.

"Theta, this is delta, we see your position, coming to assist." another voice said over the radio, "Hold on brother, we're coming."

"Theta, fold into Delta, follow Delta one's commands.  Who else isn't dead?  Sound off."

"Epsilon two reporting.  Lead is wounded heavily.  He won't be fighting again.  The rest of us are barely holding together.  I - I don't know if I can do this ma'am." a young frightened voice came in over the radio.

"Epsilon, withdraw to medical evac, stat.  Save Epsilon one if you can." Agera said quietly, "And breath."

"Romeo five here.  We took a massive hit, but are all still good, though I think lead can't hear anymore.  His horn has been split off and is oozing blood." Jiza made a cutting motion with her claw, indicating Romeo one's fate if he didn't find medical attention.

"Romeo five, link up with Omega.  My medical officer says your lead needs a check-up quick or he's going to be seeing black."

"Battalion lead, Theta six.  Would you mind if I linked up with you as well?" Agera did the math quickly. Thirteen dragons, including herself.  A double strength squadron.

"Granted, Theta six.  Better move fast though." Agera said.

"Ma'am." was the only response she got.  Theta six was the first to show up.  She was almost as small as Jiza was, a wind dragoness with a skinny narrow body and small sleek wings.  Romeo one arrived with his face a mess and burns on his wings, but otherwise ok.  His new mate embraced him anyways, smearing gore all over her chest and neck.  He angled his head so that his untouched horn could hear better.  Jiza flicked his bad horn, and he tapped it rapidly, then shook his head, indicating it wasn't working.  The others sported nasty cuts and bruises, but looked otherwise untouched.  Jiza wrapped the leader’s busted horn up.

"This thing will never work properly again.  You'll have to get used to hearing with one horn.  You might get a discharge if you're lucky." she said, winding the gauze around it quickly.

"Alright, Theta six, Romeo squad, you're now part of Omega.  Act like it.  Let's move.  Stick close to the armor, and stay on the ground.  No need to expose yourself in the air." Agera motioned for the armor column to follow their reinforced group forwards, and they continued towards the Brandenburg Gate.

It was starting to get dark again.  Twilight exposed the stars above, and the sky glowed red in the east from fires.  Omega squad rounded a corner onto a street wide enough for the four tanks to spread out and move forwards in a line abreast formation, so all their guns could be brought to bear.  In front of them, after the buildings ended, was an open square leading up to the gate.  And upon the steps stood a strange collection of void.

The first two enemies she spotted were the heavies, marked with golden paint on their wings and golden flags on their tails.  They sat at attention with their wings held wide, barring the way forwards.  In front of them sat six assaults, in the same pose, wingtip to wingtip, wings painted gold and with golden ribbons on their horns.

And last there were two scouts at the end, and two hominid spies at the front, holding lances, also painted gold for their status.  The spies held the lances in a crossed fashion.  They stepped aside and lifted their weapons as the leaders emerged.

One was Ronan.

Agera was almost as startled to see him, as he was to see her.  It made no sense for him to be here.  He stood on their left, his right.  The one who stood opposite him was a Ghost, although this one was not ordinary, she could tell.  His power radiated in waves, and it looked as if he was holding his powers back, struggling to restrain them.

But the center dragoness was what held their attention.  She was in contrast to all the others because of her size, and because here scales were a dark bronze.  Her eyes gleamed red, and the spikes that protruded from her body were painted the same color.

"Avila Darkdaughter." Agera said quietly.  

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Aurora fell in step abreast of Agera as the pair left the massive command tent behind, but the only way Agera could tell was to look for tell-tail signs.  A rustling of grass there, the hint of a breath here.  Then Agera jumped as Aurora spoke into her horn quietly.

"I need to stop by my armorer to drop off my suit." Agera nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Just quietly give me directions and I'll follow silently." Agera whispered.

It was crazy being led by a disembodied voice, but effective, so long as Agera focused on the directions she was given.  After ten minutes of treading through the crowds, Agera started conversing with her new flight mate.

"Is this what espionage is always like?" Aurora chuckled somewhere off to her left.

"Spy craft is all about deception.  Hell warfare is the way of deception.  Although capable, display incapability.  When committed to employing your forces -”

"Feign inactivity.  The Art of War.  You read the translation?"

Aurora chuckled again, "No, I've read the original.  Sun Tzu was mad.  Brilliant, but mad.  Ah, this is us." Agera stopped at a tiny tent, so small she would have passed it without looking at it normally.  The flap apparently blew open, then closed, and moments later, Aurora walked out without her armor.  As Agera turned to walk away, the new female shifted to a brilliant fiery red, with matching flame markings.  Even her eyes changed colors, and Agera was startled to see new spikes and horns appear, larger than before to cover up her originals.  Aurora spotted her wide eyes and giggled.

"You know what's really crazy?" Aurora said quietly.  Agera shook her head, but Aurora spat a jet of flame into the sky, "Holographic generator.  Only developed just last year.  You know, if you like spy craft so much, you should try joining the archangels.  We could use someone like you."

"You did your homework then?"

"Oh yes.  I even read what the censors didn't want me to read.  Good job in Siberia." Agera growled slightly, "Sorry, ma'am.  Just making a complement."

"I never was linked to the work done in Siberia.  That - “and at this she smiled, "That exceptionally fine piece of work."

"You know it.  Do the seeing -" Aurora said quietly.

"But don't be seen." Agera finished, "I wasn't officially part of any organization back then, and I wasn't working alone.  So technically, I'm not a spy, but, meh, whatever."

"You're as good as one to me sister." Aurora said, bouncing along beside her.  She was exceptionally peppy and springy when outside of her suit.

Agera returned with Aurora once her patches were changed out.  The familiar ache in her shoulder was back, but that was certainly a good thing.

"Omega, front and center!" fortunately everyone was in the barracks this late at night, "I wanted to introduce you to Omega's newest member, Blackbird, our new intelligence agent.  She'll be taking our number six position.  Everyone else will be moving up a spot."

"Then where does that leave us, ma'am?" Venus asked.  Agera flashed her new rank at them all, "I'll be moving up to a battalion lead, with Omega as my flagship squadron, so I expect you all to be in prime form from now on!"

"This can't be good." Janus said quietly.

"Can it, three!  Tomorrow we will be running war games with the other five squadrons joining our battalion.  I expect you all to do your very best out there!  Venus!"

"Ma'am." Venus stepped forwards from the flight line and saluted, "Gunner Venus, reports as ordered, ma'am."

"I'm giving you a field promotion for now.  Not sure if that's allowed, but only sergeant ranks or higher can command squadrons.  You'll be Omega lead from now on."

"Ma'am!  Thank-you!  It would be an honor to lead Omega."

"That's all then, dismissed." everyone retreated to their bunks then, knowing tomorrow was going to leave them sore from squad sparring.  Agera retreated to the corner where she normally slept.

"What, no officers’ quarters?" it was Venus.

"Easy now, Omega.  You don't want a court martial now, for disrespecting an officer, do you?" Agera replied, rolling over away from her.

"Hey, Agera, I just want to talk!" Venus said, sounding a little hurt.

"So do I, but whatever you want to talk about, it's classified." Agera said quietly.

"Not about what's coming up, I want to talk about this promotion." Venus said just as quietly.

"I would also like to hear this tale."

"Yeah, come on Agera, spill the apple of the day." Agera snorted and rolled over.  Vienzo and Janus had joined her best friend. Agera looked around.  Jiza was writing in her book, Guin was already fast asleep, and it sounded if Aurora was already in the shower.

"Come on."

"Wow.  That's a ballsy move from the GM." Vienzo said quietly from over his mug of Blood and Guts.  Agera and Venus's promotion was decidedly a celebratory occasion, and Agera was feeling moody and sequestered from the others, so she decided to take them all to one of the nearby non-commissioned bars to order drinks for them while she told her tale.

"And what of our new friend, Blackbird?" Venus asked.  Agera quickly took a drink, occupying herself, but Venus wasn't going to be distracted that easily, "That's not her real name, is it?  No dragon has the name Blackbird."

"Oh, damn and blast, Venus, no of course her real name isn't Blackbird, but I'm not going to tell you all her real name in case knucklehead here - “she gave Janus a Dutch rub, "Spills the beans.  No, to you, her real name is Blackbird.  There are five other codenames as well, from what I can tell.  Nighthawk, Spirit, Dragonlady, Predator, and Reaper.  Just, keep your horns out for them.  They're spies, they're bound to turn up in trouble."


"I can't say much, but let me tell you one thing.  Our new friend Blackbird is not a normal dragon.  Keep your eyes on her, Venus."

"Ok, something has you spooked.  I want to know what it is." Venus said, setting her mug down.  Agera bit her lip, but Venus egged her on, "Oh come on Agera, you can't do something like that to me."

"Oh alright.  She knew about Siberia." Venus stopped with the mug halfway to her lips, "Yeah, I know.  You didn't tell anyone, did you?"

"Not a soul.  Agera, I could count the amount of people I know who know about that on one paw!  How the hell does she know?"

"What's Siberia got to do with anything?" Janus asked.

"Nothing Janus.  Trust me, Venus, I'm still trying to figure out how she has access to that knowledge.  At first I thought she talked to my mother, but that's not right.  Kali talked to the GM, and she didn't say anything about it to him."

"Then how?" Venus asked, more to herself than anyone else.

"Would someone please tell me what this Siberia business has to do with this conversation?" Janus said suddenly.  Vienzo shrugged his wings.

"It doesn't mean anything, Janus, me and Agera were just talking." Venus said, looking up and smiling.

"My tail it does." Janus said as he went to take another drink.  Agera reached out, grabbed his mug and splashed the bloody mess in his face.

"Don't talk to your commander like that!" Agera said laughing at him.  He laughed back, loudly, and grabbed a passing platter of loaded fries bound for one of the tables with humans at it, and tossed it at Agera, but in his drunken state, hit Venus who promptly -

Yeah, you can pretty much guess how this ended up. But trust me, it got real ugly.

Later that night, after a good shower, Omega and Agera were sleeping quietly, which is to say a couple of Omega were sleeping.  Venus lay on her side next to Vienzo, but her eyes were open.  She stared at Agera, who stared right back.

"Hey, Geri?" Venus's play name for Agera.

"Yeah, Vine?" Agera responded with a whisper.

"What if she was there?" Agera didn't need to ask who "she" or what "there" was.

"If she was there, freezer, if she even knows what happened, then she knows." Agera said quietly.

"And what does that mean for us?"

"Dunno.  That's really up to her.  I don't think we could stop her if she tried to double on us." Agera said.

"So what if she tries to eliminate and then double?" Venus asked quietly.

"Then put two in the back." Agera said, barely loud enough for Venus to hear, "Don't ever trust her.  I've got a bad feeling about her in my gut.  But maybe that's just the beer."

Thirty-six dragons stood on the flight line at base camp alpha, Agera’s new battalion.  With her were the six dragons who led each squadron.  Theta was led by an Ice dragon, Delta by a rare sound dragon, Epsilon by a light dragoness who knew Guinevere, Hotel by a fire dragoness, and the last, Romeo was led by a Wind dragon.  Venus represented Omega squadron.  Every dragon was in block formation with their squadron.  Agera split them equally into two wings, with three squadrons each.  Theta led one wing, while Omega led the other.  With that done, she gave them a simple task.

“Capture the flag, draken!  Alpha wing, led by Omega, will attack while Beta wing, led by Theta, will defend!  We continue play for half the day.  At 1130 hours, we rendezvous at mess hall for chow.  Second phase will be role reversal.  Alpha will defend while Beta will attack.  Second phase starts at 1200.  Beta!  You’ve got thirty minutes to get your squad into the air and hide your flag!  Get moving!”

And with that, the Theta squad commander jumped into action.  The first difficulty was getting the squads into the air, something not easy to do for eighteen different dragons in full battle armor.  It took them ten minutes, with the first squad to get off the ground, Theta, clutching the flag.  The flight controller motioned Omega into the pre-launch slot at the end of the converted take-off strip available for light aircraft and dragons.  Aurora grinned at Agera, clad in a standard grey armor set.  She was enjoying this.

When the thirty minute mark passed, Omega moved into the ready-launch position, spreading their wings, and testing full range of motion.  Venus had to do additional checks on her own mechanical wing, checking the hydraulics were all in order.  The carbon fiber panels that made up the fanning portion of the wing spread brilliantly in the dawn.  The Flight Control Officer gave her a thumbs up as he cleared the pattern, and then saluted, the final clearance for take-off.  Omega ran down the metal grated plating laid out along the open strip.  When given a flat even surface, dragons could run up to eighty miles-per-hour, more than enough to achieve lift without flapping.  It made take-off, especially with heavy armor, all the easier.  Omega took-off in unison, flapping to gain more altitude and speed.

The next two squads, Delta and Romeo took off in quick succession.  Venus had gotten her trio of squadrons into the air in half the time that it had taken Theta’s leader.

“Pick it up Theta.  Omega got her squadrons in the air in five.” Agera said over their joint coms.

“Hey, Lieutenant, what do we get if we win this competition?” A voice asked over joint radios.

“The respect and admiration of your fellow battalion mates, Omega three.  That should be a new experience for you.  All right dragons!  Heads on a swivel, this operation has just begun.  Light blows only.  This is a game of touch, not kill.  Keep it under two k, and within ten." Agera spotted the trio of squadrons from Alpha wing out about half a mile to her right, marking them flying in a delta formation.  Agera flipped her mike to open coms, and then keyed a special combo into her armors tongue controller.

Music suddenly blared over the radios, heavy rock and roll.

“Nice tunes, ma’am.” Venus said over open coms, and then switched to her trio, “Delta, Romeo, distract and detain.  Omega will slip around back, and try and flank towards their general location.  Break on my mark.”

Venus waited till Beta wing was on radar, then gave the order, “Mark.  Omega, follow me in, we’re going low and fast.”

The squadron dove and broke away from formation.  Agera tracked Beta wings progress as they honed in on the new contact blips.

"Sergeant Avani, what's the plan?" Delta one asked, "I don't like putting my squadron at a disadvantage of numbers."

"Then run a stall and draw."

"Stall and draw?" Romeo three asked.

"Engage and keep them busy and focused, while drawing them away.  I and Omega are going to ground." Venus landed with the rest of the squadron quickly in tow.  They snaked off through the trees.  Vienzo glanced up at the fur ball swirling above them.

"Wish I was up there with them." he said quietly.  Jiza glanced at Guinevere, and rolled her eyes, as if to say "males".

"You'll get your chance two." Venus said quietly, "We're two hundred yards out.  Miss Aurora, let's see what you've got."

Aurora flashed a grin at them and disappeared soundlessly into the trees and rocks.  Twenty seconds later, she returned with a red flag in her paws.

"Dayum!" Janus said quietly.  Venus took the flag and together they pulled back, taking off.

"How'd you get it so easily?" Guin asked Aurora as they gained altitude.

"Simple, I snuck in, grabbed the flag, and snuck out.  Isn't that how you did it when in their camps?" Aurora asked.  Guin stared at her.

"How much do you know, Aurora?" Guin asked quietly.

"Everything." Aurora smiled at her.  Guin looked highly disturbed.

"Beta that's game!  Alpha has your flag!" Agera said over coms.

"What?!?!" Beta commander came to hover in front of Venus, "How the hell did you get past my guards?!"

Aurora examined her claws as she hovered in mid-air, "I eliminated them quietly."

Beta commanders eyes seemed about to bulge out of his head, "How did you get past us?!  I thought you had split off a portion and gone around!"

"We did!" Venus said across the open expanse of air, "I took Omega and we went to ground.  You never once looked down.  We could have easily take you and yours out of the mix if we so wanted."

"Cowardly female!  No one ever said going to ground was allowed!" Beta shouted at her.

"That.  Is.  ENOUGH.  Beta, do you want me to ground you?  And Omega, stop your bragging.  It's unbecoming of a squad leader, and your actions have already spoken far louder than words.

Now Alpha wing demonstrated a very important lesson already today?  What is that Beta wing?"

"Never trust a group of outcasts and misfits." the leader said, glaring at his opponents.  Agera slapped him with her tail, chasing him down.

"Grow the fuck up!" Agera roared at him, "You’re in the military now, sergeant!  I suggest you patch up that wounded ego of yours, it has no place here.  The lesson to be learned here is that this is war!  And there are three things that matter in this setting.  Ensure your mission is accomplished, even if it means you use cowardly tactics.  Glory is for the dead and for losers.  Second ensure the safety of those around you, and third, ensure the safety of yourself!"

She glared at the Beta wing leader, who was clutching the side of his head and leaking blood from his temple, "Go clean yourself up."

As Beta wing turned away, Agera shouted at them over coms, "And for his insolence, and lack of respect, Beta leads squadron shall be cleaning out Alpha wings latrines tomorrow."

Collective groaning and mumbling could be heard all the way back to base over the radios.  Agera could tell Venus had a hard time keeping the smug look off her face.

The afternoon wore on much the same way as the morning.  However, this time, determined not to get beat again, Beta wings leader showed some competence, and tried a new approach sending two of his fastest and sneakiest fliers around the back to use the mountain to cover their approach while the rest committed themselves to engaging and pushing with all strength.  They seemed to be targeting Omega more, something that caused some problems to come out.  Venus was taken out early on because of a problem with her mechanical wings hydraulics.  Vienzo followed soon after, mainly because he dived into three dragons trying to get revenge.  The other four held for a while until Jiza froze mid-flight.  Agera could tell she had had a flashback.

"I'm fine, ma'am.  It's not a big issue." she said not looking at Agera while the lieutenant plied her with questions.

"It could lead to your death.  I'll not have that on my claws, Jiza." Agera realized it was the first time she had called the young female by name.  The medic turned to face her.

"I'm sorry ma'am.  It was just a slight problem that I wasn't expecting in a non-violent scenario.  I normally guard against those problems.  It won't happen again." Agera looked hard at Jiza's face.  The innocence was gone from her eyes, replaced by a determined hollowness that threaten to lash out at anyone or anything should they strike too hard or fast.

"Just remember who is friend, or who is foe.  I know how Janus channels his insanity.  But you’re different.  You succumb to your bloodlust, but you can control it."

"Yes ma'am." Agera looked at the female for a while, and then nodded quietly.

"Just make sure that it doesn't control you."

Beta squadron won the match, but only just.  The fight had taken a heavy toll on his group, and he was down to only four dragons out of his original eighteen.

"Work on one on one dogfights Beta, and situational awareness.  Alpha, you did well today, but I saw room for improvement.  Omega lead, keep up on that wing.  The last thing we need is for you to fall out of the sky.  And work on your chain of command.  That defense went well until you went down."

"Finally.  Remember that these wings around you are family.  You're not here for glory or fame.  A drake or dragonelle will appreciate you far more if you're actually alive.  Glory doesn't do the dead any good.  You're not here to score more kills than the draken next to you, you're here to make sure they get out in one piece after the job is done.  Understood?!"

"Yes ma'am!" thirty-six voices rang out in unison and she beamed at them all.

"Then you are all dismissed.  Orders come in tomorrow evening.  And finally, last one to the bar buys the first round!" as a group they all darted towards base camp, trying to preserve their earnings.

The next evening, after the battalion had finished chow and were stewing over a brew, and after Theta squad had finished their humbling lesson, Agera stood before them at a table in Omega's tent.  The bed cushions had been moved to the walls, and the thirty-six dragons were all crammed around a crude map of Berlin and her surrounding walls.  Buildings were represented by cardboard boxes, walls were marked by sticks, and rocks resembled the triple-A emplacements.  Drinks mugs were the different battalions.

"Alright, so here's how this is going down.  Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, and Echo legions are going to consist of the main force.  The organizational structure has been all resorted for dragons for this operation, because it's so big.  Now there are two major issues.  The first is it appears as if the void aren't leaving Berlin for this fight.  In fact, they've all been grounded by their commanders, according to intelligence sources.  Now I would love to fly in there and let you all bombard them from range, but I'm afraid I can't let you all enjoy that pleasure without me.  That and they've got enough triple-A in the city that it'd take two weeks of constant jet strikes to get them out.  The GM has decided to send in the armored divisions.  Void have issues engaging them, since they don't have near as much heavy firepower as an equal size group of dragons.  The heavy armor will take out air defenses as their primary target so we can establish air supremacy.  The main battalions will hold the frontlines, allowing us in Epsilon legion to slip around the side.  Stealth is of the utmost importance here.  The last thing we need is for the void to find out about an understrength flanking attack.  We are to encircle and close in the noose." Agera moved the pieces around on the board.  The red mugs Omega had managed to swipe from Alpha squadron were encircled by a group of multi-colored glasses, with a golden yellow representing their legion.  After that we close in so tight on them they can't spread their wings, got it?  Hopefully it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel."

"If I might say so ma'am, that's a damn big barrel.  What's our flight ceiling?" Agera frowned at Delta two.

"Unfortunately, we're looking at a ceiling of pretty much naught for the entire duration of battle.  We stay grounded.  That way the humans and tanks can cover us, and we can return the favor."

"Can't finish off void as easily if our wings are clipped ma'am." Epsilon five said from the back.

"Well, Archon, I'll be sure to save you a couple void so you can participate in this fight." Agera said smiling, and a wave of chuckles ran around the tent.  But they didn't last for long.  Theta six ran her claw along Berlin's "wall".

"Twenty-five million troops is a literal fuckton ma'am.  With all due respect, I'm not sure we can do this." she said uneasily.

"Trust me, Lithania, I don't like it any more than you do.  The odds are against us.  But!" she stood and strode around them, "Battles like this have been fought before.  This is almost a literal battle of Cannae.  These fights are the ones to go down in history books as strategic art.  Keep your heads on your shoulders, focus on your job. And we should come out on top.  If not, well, it was an honor serving with you all, I'll see you in Dante's freezer." there was a smattering of nervous laughter.  Agera stopped, "What's wrong with you all?"

No one spoke until Theta lead stepped forwards, "I think I can speak for everyone when I say I'm scared shitless, ma'am."

"I'm not one to spout some crap about courage and fear.  You all have a right to be afraid.  Hell, I'm afraid too.  But really, you have to ask yourself, what are you more afraid of?"

"What do you mean, ma'am?" Venus asked stepping forwards.  Agera gave her a look that said something along the lines of "You bitch" for putting her on the spot.

"I mean that there are two outcomes to this battle.  Oh some of you ARE going to die.  I will not lie.  But you may live yet.  Now my parents died at the hand of the void before I hatched.  My life was ruined at their claws.  And hear me now, would you rather live in a 'verse where you are hunted because of your species, your families, mates raped and hatchlings slaughtered, because you didn't have the guts to stand up against difficult odds?  Or would you rather die to give the ones you love a better future?  I already know my answer." Agera turned and walked out of the tent into the cold night air.

She was rapidly joined by Janus, Vienzo, and Venus. They walked without talking out to the outskirts of the camp, resting on a low hill set within the deepest part of their hidden valley.  The sun had set, and stars were coming out, twinkling overhead.  On Agera's one side, Janus sat quietly contemplating the heavens.  On the other, Venus rest against her mate, and he cradled her head against his neck.

"Everything is going to change in the next couple of day’s guys.  I can tell.  This is where things change.  If we win, we might actually be able to hold off the void.  If we lose..."

"Don't, Agera.  I'd rather not think about it.  You painted a vivid picture back there." Venus said quietly.  She shivered in the darkness.

"I'm so in over my head." Janus said quietly, rubbing the back of his armored neck, "This has gone to so much more than a couple of skirmishes.  You know Agera, I overheard a group of humans talking about us.  Saying we're invincible.  That the Ancient ordained our claws and wings so that we might strike righteousness into the world." Agera snorted.

"We're not Templars, Janus.  Life is simpler for us, fortunately.  We do everything we can to make the world a better place.  And if we die along the way, then we'll die knowing we did our best.  I see nothing ordained by the Ancient in that.  Just have faith, and know He guides our steps through the valley."
So today was the first day of a new E3.  We got a lot of stuff.  Bethesda already announced a new fallout, but there are other smaler things too.  They announced a new Elder Scrolls game that isnt the one we want, a collectable trading card game (BOOOOOOOOOOO!)  They also announced a Dishonored 2 (W00T!).  We also got news of a new Mass Effect from EA, which is AWESOME.…

And the MAKO is back!

Were also getting KH III, which at least one person I know is spazzing out.  New tomb raider, new a bunch of things...

But thats not what we were waiting for.  We were all waiting for this:

Yeah, I know...

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