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January 9, 2010
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed
The cascade of evil, the torrents of war.
Burning with wrath,
He stepped down from the Heavens
To judge the unworthy,
To redeem the pure.

-The Scriptures, Revelation Verses 2:12


Black ash flew through the sky as a battle raged over the vast expanse that was the ruins of Warfang.  Several dragons were fighting against an innumerable horde of orcs, while a small bright disk sprang into existence behind them.  At the frontlines, a purple dragon fought for his life as he slowly moved backwards towards the end of the tunnel he had just created.

"Cynder, get to the portal! I'll hold him till you all get clear, and then I'll be right behind you!" Spyro shouted, throwing himself at one of the massive orcs standing in front of him, club raised high.

"There is no way Spyro, I started this thing with you, and now I'm going to end it with you!" Cynder shouted back, dodging a clawed grublin hand. A bright portal shimmered behind them, as several dragons ran through. A white dragoness with red belly scales and golden wings stopped at the exit, turning back to take a look at the dragon realms, which were burning, and the once great city of Warfang. The planets crust was starting to split in many places, spider web cracks revealing an evil dark purple glow.

"Nova, don't stop! Keep moving!" Spyro shouted, sensing her apprehension of leaving her friends behind.

Nova looked back at the portal, then towards the dragon realms again. She looked at Spyro and Cynder. All of a sudden a wyvern swooped down and caught Cynder from behind, knocking her on the back of the head, and knocking her unconscious.

"Cynder!" Spyro dove over her, protecting her from the enemy onslaught which would surely end her life, "Nova moves your glowing ass!"

Nova looked back at the portal again. The disk of light that led to god knew where wavered and shrunk a little before growing back to original size. And then, with an anguished cry, she dove over Spyro, clearing him completely, landing on his other side, away from the portal.

"Nova, you idiot! What are you doing?!?! He'll be here any second! Move your tail!" Spyro shouted at her, swatting elite away.

"There is no way in Dante's Freezer I am leaving another friend behind!" Nova said calmly. This would be known as her last stand, she was almost sure of it. Ahead of her she could see a dark figure, massive, draconian in stature, rising out of the smoke and ash, "Spyro, forget about me, just go. He's already killed himself, now he just wants you dead. Get Cynder and go, good luck."

"But, Nova, you can't possibly-"

"Don't tell me what I can and cannot do, Spyro. Now go."

"I'll keep it open for one minute. You have that long, after that, I'm closing It.", Spyro said, wedging himself under Cynder's body and hoisting her onto his back.

"Understood, captain. May the ancestors watch over you."

"And may they bless you, Nova."

Spyro sprinted the length of the remaining charred ground, and dove head first into the portal, it shimmering as his mass disturbed it. Nova turned back to the dark figure that now loomed over her. Its shadow armor dropped to reveal the purple menace that was Malefor. He grinned at the young dragoness, casting an evil glint through his eyes.

"Noble, young one, and very smart. But you see, that portal is still open for another minute and-", an explosion emitted right in front of him, sending the Dark Master sailing backwards.

"Can it. Not only are you trying to get through this portal, but you killed loved ones. For that you will pay." Nova said, stepping forward. She had never felt more alive. Adrenaline flowed like wild fire through her veins, and her body gave an ethereal pure white glow. Normally her element was blue, but this time was different, she could feel the energy flow through her and around her. She inhaled deeply, and saw the stars brighten through the fog, smoke, and debris. Wait, that's it, the stars.

"So it shall still be a fight to the death, eh? You have no plan of going back through that portal do you?" Malefor asked, rolling to his feet. He had not a scratch on him.

"Actually, I have a better idea than killing you. I might as well stand and fight, because any other option leads to me and my friends' death. I'm not going to kill you. That's for certain, because I don't think I have the power to do so. However, I will make you suffer. And you will suffer forever and always. I will make it back through that portal, and leave you here. I'm sure that the destruction of this planet will not kill you. If it would, then you would not have initiated it."

"And what of the others, eh? Would you just leave them here, to this fate?" Malefor asked grinning, slowly approaching the dragoness.

"They are already lost. No matter how hard I would try, they would still die. And none of them fear death like you do.", Nova said, tensing herself.

30 seconds

"Very well then, you will join them.", and at that, Malefor lunged at the female. Nova vaulted into the air, bouncing off the larger and less agile dragons head. Malefor spun in midair, catching Nova on her stomach. She felt the blow, but no pain came. Looking down she saw a large gash just in front of her hind legs. The gash looked small but it belied its deepness. Swinging around in midair, flying backwards she harnessed her element, and felt the starlight above pierce through all the smoke, aiming at the dragon before her.

The stars turned to long streaks, their light streaming down from the heavens. Nova had never used the stars before, as using too much of her power would consume her, and she would be lost. However, with all the adrenaline flowing, she was able to keep control, but just barely. The starlight formed around her body, streaming in long ribbons behind her, caressing her sleek figure. She sent a ribbon on her right sailing at the Dark Master, whom had gone wide eyed at the sight before him. It pierced his left shoulder, sending him grinding backwards a few feet. But that wasn't the only ribbon she used. More and more flew from her body, twisting around each other and through the air. Malefor jumped up over one and had to spin his body vertically to avoid the first two. They were coming at him so fast and so numerous that he couldn't get a shot in.

15 seconds

Nova had landed by now, trying to keep her concentration on the ribbons, but still slowly stepping backwards towards the portal behind her, sending more and more light ribbons at the dark dragon.


"Common guys! I can't hold that portal open forever!" Spyro shouted back over his shoulder, as beams of energy were flying into his body.

Nova now would be a good time.

"I'm losing it!"


Nova used her last ten ribbons, sending them soaring at the large purple dragon before her. Making another two steps backwards, she finally delved into her own well of energy. Forming a beam around her tail blade, she yanked it off her tail and hurled it at her enemy with all her might. Malefor looked like a giant pincushion with all the beams sticking out of him. He turned just in time for Nova's final beam to glance right off his face. Had he turned his head a bit more, it would have drilled through his temple. Be that as it may, the blow struck him right across the eyes.


"As I said, you will suffer in agony for eternity. Not only have I blinded you, but my light beams are poison to you. You WILL suffer." Nova said, turning and speaking over her shoulder. She took one last look, and turned towards the portal, breaking the light beams in half, but leaving shards imbedded in his body.

"Just because my eyes do not work does not mean I cannot see." Malefor said behind her. Nova snorted and started to walk towards the portal. Suddenly she felt a sharp jolt above her right foreleg. Looking over she saw a shadow spike piercing that area. She looked over her shoulder, and saw the dark dragon standing, staring blindly into space, blood streaming from his eyes. There must have been over ten thousand shadow spikes hanging in midair, poised to strike. Nova didn't think twice, she turned and bolted for the portal. She took to the air, gaining speed with her every flap as she went. The disk of light was slowly starting to shrink.

Another shadow spike flashed past her, missing her by a hairs breadth.

"Stand still you stupid dragon!" Malefor yelled after her, sending a large portion of his arsenal sailing towards the female.

Nova felt one of her feat crack as a particularly large spike hit her ankle. Another spike drove through her wing, breaking the bone clean in half, and sending her crashing to the ground, only feet from the portal. Another one struck her nose, sending a long gash up her snout. Then another pierced her tail completely through. One even ricocheted off a nearby rock, landing a solid blow just above her chest, where her heart was, crushing her collarbone. But none struck a fatal blow.

"Why can I not hit you?!?!" Malefor shouted, as the remaining spikes sailed every which way.

"The darkness does not reach the light. You may be able to see, but you cannot see Me.", Nova said wearily. She could not feel the pain, but she could feel her energy draining away.

5 seconds

The portal was only the size of a large ball now, and shrinking still. Nova crawled towards the light, dragging her injured leg along with her. Malefor was blindly approaching her, one very large spike in his claws, trying to end her life. Only a few more inches. Nova stretched her claw as far as she could, and just barely managed to touch the glowing disk, which was now the size of a baseball. She felt a light jerk, as the portal did the rest and dragged her through, closing behind her. She could hear a faint, frustrated roar, and then darkness consumed her.


"I've lost it. NO! Damnit! I've lost her!" Spyro shouted, pounding the ground. The portal disappeared in a bright flash, leaving nothing but darkness.

The last of the elemental energy that was streaming into his body faded away. He felt a drain as weeks of endless fighting caught up with him. He rubbed his temples, and turned towards the six dragons in front of him, one unconscious. The five dragons in front of him resembled the elements to which they held. Each one held a mournful face. A black female, along with her blue friend standing beside her, had tears streaming down their faces. The red male had a respectful look as he bowed his head. A green male turned away from the sight, trying to hold his anguish in. A yellow dragon held his head in his paws, rubbing his face. Shoulders slumped, head hung low, Spyro spoke again.

"We all knew Nova, one way or another. Some of us knew her very well; others had very little time to get to know her. She was a very strong dragoness. And an excellent flier. The best pilot of us all. She knew the risks when she joined the squadron, like we all did. And her sacrifice has not been in vain, or the millions of others that have died as well. We go on with life, weather we want to or not. Now then, we need to be strong, and survive. Many of us have injuries that need to be healed." Spyro paused, looking around at them. Then turned away staring into the darkness.

"3, 5, could you revive Cynder?" Spyro said, trying to keep the deep amount of anguish out of his voice. He heard a hiss, then a singe, and felt cold then heat at his back, and then heard a large splash behind him. He turned around to see Cynder slowly opening her eyes. Spyro leaned down and nuzzled the black dragoness.

"Get up Cynder, your needed." Cynder opened her eyes, then groaned. She turned her head and looked upwards, scanned the creatures present and then laid back down, a choked sob escaping her.

"We lost Nova right?" she said, with a teary voice.

"I'm sorry Cynder."

"Wasn't your fault. We need to find help though. A few of us can barely walk."

"Agreed. We go about this the right way ladies and gentlemen. All wings report." Spyro said, sitting on his haunches. Cynder rolled to her stomach, and then slowly sat up, throwing her shoulders back, and taking in a large amount of air, sniffling, "Cynder, purple dragon, Wing 2, Reporting."

The Blue dragon sniffled hard, "Frost, Ice Guardian, Wing 3, Reporting", she said in a lower voice, somewhat cold in sound. Blue was her main color, like almost all Ice dragons. She had a row of randomly placed spikes down her back, almost translucent in color. Her stomach scales were much darker, as her body matched an almost sky blue; those scales went so dark that they were almost black. She had a large spike on the tip of her tail, which was about the size of her head, expanding out much larger than her legs, and then coming to a very sharp point. Her head had only two horns coming out of the top, and a small row of horns, just under her eyes, right along her cheek bones, which were very high. Her build was very voluptuous, curving a great amount.

The Green dragon took in a deep breath, then turned back around, "Quake, Earth Guardian, Wing 4, Reporting" ,the dragon said in a smooth almost flowing voice, but deep, almost rumbling Spyro's heart with his baritone. His coloring was different in the fact that he had some tan coloring for his stomach scales, and his wings were even paler than his stomach. He had lumps running down his spine, sandy in color, and almost sponge like in texture, however, they were very hard and rigid, almost as strong as our aerogel we use in advanced manufacturing. His tail had about ten blades on it, all very sharp, and very dense, as well as being the same size. His head was somewhat slim for an earth dragon, coming to a sharp point. He had two horns coming from his head that twisted in a gentle spiral and two more horns lower than those, twisting in a reverse spiral around those. His build was match his head, as he was very skinny for an earth dragon, instead of the usual brunt and bulk earth dragons had.

The Red dragon went to attention next, "Blaze, Fire Guardian, Wing 5, Reporting." the male said, and a voice that had a subtle, almost inaudible crackle to it. He was actually a dark orange really, with a much darker, golden stomach. In place of horns however, he had long flowing hair, almost moving when he did, so that it looked alive, like his entire spine and tail was burning. A tuft of hair fell over his forehead, and a trio of smooth curving horns jutted out of the top of his head. His tail had a bunch of long curving horns on his tail, which were more random than anything. His body was more of a muscular build, with bulges rippling in his stomach and shoulders, as well as his back and neck.

The Yellow dragon lowered his paws, "Thunder, Electric Guardian, Wing 6, Reporting." the bright dragon muttered, a slight echo to his voice, sounding slightly mechanical. His coloring was almost neon, it was so bright. The main yellow of his body was a stark contrast to his stomach and wings, which were a glowing purple. He too had hair on his spine, but it wasn't flowing like Blaze's. Instead, at first look, it almost appeared as if it was heat damaged, but on closer inspection, many of the smaller hairs stood on end. He had small horns on his leg joints, which went off in jagged directions, and also had a trio of horns that jutted out and were jagged in shape. His build was somewhat similar to Blazes, but he was less muscled, and more pronounced.

Last of all, the black dragon stepped up, sniffling slightly, "Eclipse, Shadow Guardian, Wing 7, Reporting." she said in a smooth, almost velvety and seductive voice. Her coloration was different than most black dragons, with a standard deep jet black as the dominant color, but her stomach scales were a deep blue. Her wings, instead of being blue as well, were bright silver, matching Cynder's gantlets and tail ring. She had a set of forward swept spikes running all the way to her tail, where she had an ax head like blade, which sharpened to two deadly points. She had a set of long straight horns coming out of the top of her head. Her body was even more slender than Cynder's, flowing very well, but being very tiny at the same time.

All the dragons showed signs of maturity, including Spyro and Cynder. Spyro had managed to gain a horned goatee beneath his chin, although it was very small, and he was beginning to grow out a second set of spikes growing in beside his main ones. It gave him a somewhat lopsided appearance, but he didn't care. He had also managed to gain an axillary set of horns, just beneath his main ones. Cynder on the other hand had her horns way longer than before, about double there length. She had also gained more of a curvature to her body; though Spyro wasn't sure whether that was muscles or maturity. All the dragons sported battle armor of some type. The sets always matched the dragon, and complemented the colors very well.

The dragons also shared the fact that in some way or another, they had battle wounds, weather internal or external. Spyro knew his shoulder was split, because the pain was starting to come back to him, and his toes had been crushed beneath that shoulder as well. Cynder had some broken ribs and a bruised lung, least from what frost said. Frost herself sported nasty stomach gashes, which bleed freely, but otherwise looked unharmed. But Spyro knew better, she had punctured her spleen. It was nasty, but not immediately life threatening. Quake had a big spike running right through the tip of his tail, wedged between the blades. He also had a slipped disk in one of his hind legs. Blazes normally fine coat of hair had been matted with blood from a spike that had gone through his disk in the back, which was opposite of quakes. He also had a sprained ankle too. Thunder had some very nasty series of cuts above his eyes, and one eye was swollen shut. He also had a broken horn by his leg, and a series of smaller spikes sticking out his side. Eclipse had a broken wing, and one of her muscles had ruptured as well, splitting a foreleg wide open, her injuries were the most grievous.

"OK, first things first, 3, stop the bleeding, numb the pain. 4 assist her. Then we can see where the hell we are." Spyro said. Frost moved towards him, but Spyro raised a paw to stop her, "Eclipse first, she's got hit the hardest. Everyone else after that, then me. I can handle the pain."

Frost shrugged, and began forming a solid ice bandage over Eclipse's burst leg.

"I can't heel everything, there are a bunch of internal injuries, ones that I can't fix, ones that'll have to heel themselves." ,frost said, moving to Eclipse's wing, while quake covered Frost's ice cast with hardened earth.

"Quake, it's a little stiff." Eclipse complained.

"If it doesn't hurt, then it's not tight enough." Quake stated, giving Eclipse a grin.

"That's not what I'm worried about, what if we get attacked. I mean, Malefor is no longer a threat, least from what I can tell. But we have no idea what's in this world. In fact, we don't even know which world we are on. Spyro, what the hell did that portal do?" Eclipse asked, turning to the Legendary dragon.

Spyro rubbed his eyes, "I used my time control."

"Um, what?" Thunder asked, lying down so frost could begin to heal him.

"Every purple dragon has the ability to freeze time, it's referred to as different names, but if the dragon is skilled enough in its use, then he can control it very accurately, even speed it up, or stop it altogether. Some dragons were even known to have turned back time, although that's only from the dragons themselves, as we have no knowledge of the events that happened before they turned time back." ,Cynder explained, "Every purple dragon has it, including me. Except my time control ability was gifted to me when I came into close contact with the dark master, as was my control of my other abilities, as well as my Convexity control."

"So why didn't Spyro use it to turn back time, and defeat the dark master?" Blaze inquired. Frost had finished with Thunder, and quake was working on him now.

"What makes you think I didn't?" Spyro replied. Frost paused, thought about it, and then muttered, "Good point."

"Too answer your question, I didn't, I'm not that skilled in time control use. Think about it, most of you had time to work on your abilities, which gives you incredible control over them. However, I didn't even KNOW about my abilities till about ten. And then it was very rough. Ever since I learned to breathe fire it's been constant war. I haven't had time to really work on my abilities, not like you did when you were younger. I can only really use that power in bursts. And that portal I created was made of that power. Don't ask me what it did, because I don't know. Most of my elemental control is made up of pure power anyways, not pure control."

"Besides, even if he could turn back time, it would be pointless, since Malefor can use the power as well." Cynder added, grimacing, as Quake popped her ribs back into place.

"Another good point. Cynder, this is going to be a little awkward." Frost said, as she stretched Cynder's mouth wide and exhaled deeply into the black dragoness, "That should keep the lung from getting infected." frost said, as Cynder coughed on the water crystals that had formed on her throat.

"Right then, we do this the right way. Eclipse, I know you're injured right now, but I need you to scout a 5 mile radius, and any high ground nearby. Thunder, you need to carry her, as she can't fly. If you encounter any intelligent creatures, scout them, but do not make contact under any circumstances." Spyro said, as Frost began work on him.

Eclipse climbed onto Thunder's back, and he took off. The Lightning guardian flapped for a moment to gain altitude under the weight, then dimmed his glow and disappeared into the night. Quake had just finished on Spyro at that point, and frost had begun work on Quake himself, "Hold still Quake. I can't get this spike out."

"Quake, that's fine, when Frost has finished, I need you to find some firewood. Blaze will assist you. Bring it back here, Blaze you start it. Frost, when you have finished healing yourself, we're going to need some water for cooking. Cynder, you need to come with me, you're going to be my eyes. We're going hunting."

Quake and Blaze threw a salute, and then blaze blew a jet of fire from his mouth, lighting Quakes way. Frost listened for a second after they had left, then went towards the river she had heard in the distance, knowing bountiful water would be there. Cynder slipped into the shadows, and Spyro followed her into the darkness, stalking the prey he knew Cynder would find soon.


Nova knew she was still conscious, but she couldn't see a thing. Had she been blinded too? Or was it really that dark? She dragged herself forward, and felt soft grass on her belly scales. All of a sudden, a flash of light went by.

Well, that answers that question.

Another flash went past, accompanied by a low hiss.

I didn't do that...


No answer. She crawled forward, and her claws hit smooth rock. Least that's what it felt like. But it was unnaturally smooth.

A pathway? That means intelligence at least. I just hope they aren't hostile.

She felt her energy leaving her body, and the pain was starting to increase. She needed help and fast. She emitted a faint glow, hoping that someone would see her in the dark.

All of a sudden, a bright flash appeared on her left. She blearily turned her head. She was losing consciousness fast. Just before she lost consciousness, she heard someone say something that sounded akin to "Holy shit" and then felt something pick her up.

May the ancestors be with us...?


Jacob flew around bend after bend, the large V8 in front of him growling in anticipation. His dad was going to kill him.

Oh well, I'll worry about that later, or maybe he won't notice...

Yeah right.

He pushed the gas pedal farther, and felt the deep throated roar increase, and the G forces yank him back as the Mustang lunged forward, eating up the road. He saw something glowing in the distance, but wasn't sure whether it was dirt on the wind shield, or whether it was something up ahead. All of a sudden, the thing took shape, and it was right in the middle of the road.

Jacob slammed the brakes, pushing hard. The tires squealed, trying to get grip as they slid across the pavement. The back end slid left then right, with Jacob struggling with the wheel, trying to keep the sports car under control. The car slid to a stop about 5 inches from the figure that lay prone on the road.

"What the hell? What in god's name is that?"

He knew it was a four legged figure, but it looked sort of crumpled. Curious, Jacob got out, and began to approach the tangled mass. When he was about five feet, he realized what he was looking at.

Now normally, Jacob didn't swear, so when he did, it meant something big. This time, he could not help himself.

"HOLY SHIT!" Jacob said, he almost jumped in the car and took off, but he was a bit apprehensive.

"This can't be happening. It's got to be a dream. Yeah a dream." Jacob said to himself, trying to rationalize.

"God, what do I do?" he looked at the almost dead creature, trying to make up his mind, "Well Jake, you wanted an adventure this summer, what now? Are you just going to drive off and leave it here?"

Jacob turned and looked out into the darkness, "Hello? Anyone out there?"

Getting no answer, he turned back to the creature before him, "OK, well then, here goes nothing." he bent down, and hoisted the body up, cradling it in his arms. With the tail it was far longer than him, but the main mass was about his size. The head and neck lolled over his shoulders.

"Jeez us christ it's heavy." he looked over his shoulder at the back of the creatures head, the pulled the creature over to the car, and opened the trunk.

"This has got to look so suspicious right now, he said, heaving the body inside, "A dragon. Holy shit a dragon. Oh man, what am I going to do?"

Jacob slid into the driver seat and drove off again, leaving the forest swathed in darkness.

"My dad's going to kill me…"
I don't know if I'm going to keep this. I might, just as a show of my fiction writing prowess (yeah right) or just cause I like the idea.

Now then, story, different world. Well, somewhat different.

Your probably thinking right now "WTF just happened IR? How did you pull all this out? What happened to the dragon realms? Who are these new guardians? Where are the old ones? Whats going on with Spyro and Cynder relationship wise? Why are they acting so stiff, and business like? Whats with the salutes? Captain? How did Malefor get back? Who's this fool Jacob?

Speeking of that fool Jacob, no I didn't get his name from Twilight, so you can stop worrying about that. I wouldn't go near that droll book with a ten foot poll. No, I simply used the name Jacob, because it's the most common name used in the united states.

After the abismal failure that was my last Spyro fanfic, I decided to start a new one, see if I had improved at all since my previous fanfic.

Edit: The quote is an add on. Each book will have a verse, most likley from EVE online. This quote is from the very same, out of the amarrian scriptures. This is from the book of reclaiming.

Edit 2: I also went through and fixed many spelling errors.

|[link] Next>

Am I a supernerd now?

Frost, Quake, Blaze, Thunder, Eclipse, Nova, Jacob (C) Insane-Randomness 2010
Spyro, Cynder, Malefor (C) Sierra Entertainment
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It's more an honour, though, cause I got to enjoy that ride with you man!
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Insane-Randomness Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thats a really good question. I honestly can't tell you what the convexity power is, because I honestly don't know myself, it was never described in the games. What I do know, is that it is the most powerful elemental attack a dragon can possess, short of time control. :iconspartan-029: described it as an opposite of real world energy, almost like how antimatter is the opposite of real matter. If you've ever played Dawn of the Dragon, then it would be the elemental breath used during fury attacks, or when you get the third and final set of armor. Only special dragons can use the element, such as purple dragons, or Cynder, who got lucky and was exposed to raw power created by a purple dragon. As far as I know, no other dragon has used it.

Also, I'm glad you liked the chapter. More to come soon. I can only type so fast. Before you know it my fingers are gonna fall off, then what?

Hey look, my keyboard is smoking...
Toxic-CherryBlossem Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So the convexity breath is the fury breath right? Yeah its starting to come back to me, I have heard about this before on youtube people calling Fury Breath in DotD Convexity Breath. And yeah I have played TEN but I rented it so I dont have it anymore and I have DotD because I bought that because its awesome and you can fly without limit and I love the Valley of Avallar because it is soooo pretty. ^-^
Insane-Randomness Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
agreed, was just playing it tonight again, forgot how good it was. Being able to fly was fun, but not as expansive as I thought it would be. I prefer the warfang level myself, just because of the length and epic large scale of the battle. Though I wish you could have explored warfang a lot more.
Toxic-CherryBlossem Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the secret tunnels and passage ways under warfang and I like the place were you blow up the dam to destroy the destroyer. :lol:
Insane-Randomness Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I like the underground river too, just after the catacombs too, where hunter is jumping all around you, and your going "Crap, I wish I could be that agile."
Toxic-CherryBlossem Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah lolz xD I wish you could play Hunter though. xD
Insane-Randomness Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
forget hunter, I want to play as one of the guardians.
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ur welcome!
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